Additional ActivitiesFishing, Yellowstone, rafting and glacading


Elk Creek Ranch offers a large number of other summer opportunities and challenges to meet the interests of the Ranchers.

The Yellowstone-Teton Caravan

The Yellowstone-Teton Caravan is a three-day, 400-mile car trip through Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. The Caravan also includes a white-water raft trip on the Snake River. It is recommended primarily for those who have not visited Yellowstone.


A great variety of fishing is available in the Sunlight country. The Ranch provides short afternoon and evening stream fishing trips with longer overnights to the lake country of the Beartooths. There is no additional charge, but state fishing licenses are required. Season licenses are approximately $40.00. Five-day licenses are available.

Backpacking & The Challenge Backpack

Our Backpacking Program has become very popular in recent years, in part because of the proximity of large national wilderness areas. We start each session with short day and overnight trips, and climax each session with a challenging four-day trip. There is no additional charge for these excursions. Sunlight Valley is a backpacker's paradise, offering a blend of rugged mountains to climb and untouched wilderness to experience.

Prompted by the interest of Ranchers, Elk Creek Ranch now offers a Challenge Backpack, a six-day trip at the beginning of second session that will include more peaks and high country travel than our traditional, end of session trips. Only first session ranchers who have taken one of the two first session backpacks and are at least 14 years old, will qualify for the Challenge Backpack. It will not be mandatory for participants to stay for the entire second session, but there will be a supplemental charge for the backpack. For those who would take on the Challenge Backpack and then stay at the ranch for the entire second session, the cost will be included in the normal tuition.

Square Dancing

We offer one Square Dance per session. Ranchers and Counselors get dressed up in their cleanest jeans and boots and learn how to square dance from one of the long time local callers.

  • Fishing

    Learn to fish in renowned rivers and lakes of the Greater Yellowstone area
  • Yellowstone

    Take an optional 3-day caravan through Yellowstone National Park
  • Barrel Racing

    Hone your riding skills in the western tradition of barrel racing
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