Our LocationAbsaroka and Beartooth Mountains

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Elk Creek Ranch is forty-five miles from Cody, Wyoming, bounded on the north by the Clark's Fork Canyon and the Beartooth Mountains, on the west by Yellowstone National Park, on the south by the Northern Absaroka Mountains, and on the east by the Bighorn Basin. Sunlight Valley is the center of one of the truly spectacular scenic areas remaining in the continental United States.

The surrounding mountains, many of which are snow-capped year round, climb from the valley floor at 6.000 feet to nearly 13,000 feet. To see Sunlight Valley now is to see it much the same way it has always been. Except for several other ranches, the entire valley is part of Shoshone National Forest and much of that area has been set aside for wilderness use only.

The facilities of the camp reflect their wilderness surroundings. The buildings are all log structures, some of which date back to the turn of the 19th century. When we opened the ranch as a camp we added several new cabins, including a girls' bunkhouse, a boys' bunkhouse, and a recreational hall. All additions to our facilities have been built with logs, hand tools, and sweat, reflecting our determination to remain true to the ranch's pioneering past. (Hardy as we may be or hope to be, we are all fond of some "creature comforts" – all bunkhouses have full bathrooms.)