FAQQuestions and Answers

  • Where do ranchers come from? +

    Many of the ranchers come from the east coast. The mid-west and far west are also represented and we typically have a few ranchers from Europe.
  • What does a typical day look like? +

    8:00: Breakfast
    9:00–11:30: Work Crew
    12:00: Lunch
    1:45: Ranchers to corral
    2:30–5:00: Riding (return time depends on the length of the ride)
    6:00: Dinner
    7:00: Evening irrigation
    8:00–9:30: Evening activity and canteen
    10:00: Everyone back to their cabins.
    10:30: Lights Out

    8:00: Breakfast
    9:00: Irrigation
    10:00: Ranchers to corral
    10:30&ndash4:00: All Day Ride (return time depends on the length of the ride)
    6:30: Dinner
    7:30: Evening irrigation
    8:30–10:30: Canteen and campfire sing
    11:00: Back to cabins and lights out

    10:00: Sunday brunch
    11:00: Irrigation
    12:00&ndash3:00: Optional target shoot, skeet shoot and day hikes
    4:00: Sunday cookout
    6:00: Soccer (Elk Creek style)
    8:00: Evening activity and canteen
    10:00: Back to cabins and lights out
  • How is laundry done? +

    Laundry goes into town twice a week. If it is sent in Monday, it will return on Thursday. Thursday's bags will return on Monday. Laundry charges will be billed to individual canteen accounts.
  • Who will meet my child at the airport? +

    Ranchers flying into Billings will be met by a counselor at the baggage claim. They will be transported to Elk Creek in a ranch vehicle. Ranchers flying as an unaccompanied minor, will be met by a designated staff member for both first and second session. The name and information will be communicated to parents prior to the day of travel. If the return is prepaid, we will need a copy of the airline receipt.
  • Where do the kids sleep? +

    There are two boys' cabins and two girls' cabins, each with their own bathroom. The buildings are all log structures, some of which date back to the turn of the 19th century. All additions to our facilities have been built with logs, hand tools, and sweat, reflecting our determination to remain true to the ranch's pioneering past.
  • What payments methods do we accept? +

    We accept personal checks and money orders. In order to reserve a spot for the Ranch, we need to receive the application and a deposit of $1,000. The deposit will be refunded if you notify us of a change in plans before March 1.
  • What is our cell phone policy? +

    Cell phone usage can be very detrimental to our efforts to immerse Ranchers in a western experience and to create a close community. We understand that having phone contact during travel is often important, but Ranchers will check in their cell phones (and we recommend their other valuables) upon arrival at the Ranch. Ranchers should not rely on their cell phones as cameras. Ranchers may use the Ranch phone in emergencies, and parents may call their children at meal times. Parents can also reach Ranch personnel via phone or email at the addresses listed in our contact information.
  • Should I ship my child's luggage to avoid checked baggage fees? +

    As we all know from painful experience, the airlines are charging much more for baggage. Some families have turned to UPS and FedEx, but that option has turned out to be even more expensive and difficult for the ranchers on their final day. We recommend pre-paying the baggage fees through the airlines (but making sure to send us the pre-paid receipts). Sometimes other family travel plans require non-airline shipping in which case the address listed below should be used.
  • Where can I send my child a letter or care package? +

    Letters and packages sent USPS should be addressed your child at Elk Creek Ranch, PO Box 1476, Cody, WY, 82414. Packages sent UPS, FedEx, etc. should be addressed to your child at 114 Sunlight Road, Cody, WY, 82414.
  • Are there any discounts available? +

    A 10 percent discount is available for applications received before January 1, and a 10 percent discount is also available for the second and third children from a single family during the same summer.
  • What job opportunities are available? +

    Elk Creek has been very fortunate to have developed our staff from past participants in the Ranch program.
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